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Gidhwh Stroke: the importance of timing in rehabilitation   57945 руб. Identify Covid-19 positive patients, braune uggs isolate them, schwarze uggs trace the people with whom they have been in contact in recent weeks and who, ugg hausschuhe potentially, hausschuhe von ugg could have been infected, and use this information to draw a real-time map of the contagion and spread of the virus in the country. While waiting for the vaccine, this seems to be the most promising way to stop the pandemic: and it is possible to do it today, using existing technologies and at astronomical. But where are you going? The heart of this system is the data relating to movements stored in each of us's smartphones: from the cell phones to which the phone is connected to the most precise GPS coordinates recorded by our phones. It would be sufficient to make this information accessible to the health authorities to allow them toi quickly limit the outbreaks of infection and significantly slow down the circulation of the virus within a few weeks. We fight house to house. In a way perhaps too invasive for our tastes, they did it in South Korea, where thanks to the Corona 100m app every citizen can find out if there is an infected person within a radius of 100 meters from where they are at that moment, such as they are the areas of the city or the buildings most at risk and where the outbreaks are. Thanks to this technology in just over 40 days North Korea has reduced new infections from 800 to 80 per day without having to introduce stringent measures like those adopted in Italy.It is a sort of digital alarm that allows every citizen to know if they have accidentally come into contact with infected people of...
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